Where your meat comes from?

We have a few supplying Amish farms in the south side of Illinois and that is where our fresh meat comes from. 

What kind of meat do you offer?

We have a beautiful selection of all naturally and humanely raised meats including lamb, pork, goat, sheep, veal, chickens, beef, turkey, rabbits, roosters, ducks, goose.

Let's not forget about our specialty meats. We also offer game meat during the fall and winter hunting season and that meat comes from Wisconsin. 

Why is your meat better?

Our meat is as fresh as possible. We haul straight from Amish Farms to our store. Most of the time, we do not even offer frozen meat or never freeze meat that is available all year.

We offer a few types of meat that we freeze as that is specialty meat only available in a very short time. We buy it when it is available on the market, freeze it and offer it until supply less. Usually within a week or two. 

We do not stock large quantities of meat. Our trucks deliver meat  2 or 3 times per week. We do not have a space for storing plus it is not in our intention to offer frozen meat. 

Freshness is our number one priority. I invite you to taste the difference. Your taste buds will thank you.