"The more knowledge you have about the food you eat and feed your family, the more powerful your choice can be."

Our mission is to help you make the best choice simple and promote healthy eating in your community by sourcing and bringing real healthy food from people who love farming, respect soil, and their livestock.

Our policy is to deliver clean food from local farms to our stores within 12 hours to assure freshness and offer only the best food available. We source GMO-free, natural food free of pesticides, and other chemicals.

We currently support fifty small Amish farms located in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana. Last year we built three greenhouses in Amish community located in Michigan to be able to offer spring vegetables as early as possible. We also developed a small storage facility in Wisconsin in 2018 where we store vegetables during winter. During warmer seasons, as the stored food is no longer there, the building serves as a cooler for food that awaits our delivery truck.

We also support local artisans including butchers and bread makers as we believe in small batching, quality craftsmanship and the incredible power of passion.