Stop by to see what's in the season this week!

We got a fantastic selection of sheep, goat and cow dairy including yogurts, cheese, kefir, and milk.

Every Thursday we get a fresh delivery of Amish dairy from Indiana including our favorite sweet cream butter and buttermilk. We also expect fresh delivery of goat and cow butter from Michigan.

On Tuesdays, we stock up our store with dairy delivery from Wisconsin farms including traditional cheese curds, beloved cottage cheese and more. 


Every Tuesday also we bring fresh delivery of chickens (soup/roosters), rabbits, turkey, veal, pork and eggs from Wisconsin Amish Farmers. We stock on fresh Rainbow Trout from Wisconsin Natural Farm on that day. 
On Thursday we stock more meat including: lamb rabbits, veal, chicken (soup/stock type) from Indiana Amish.


 Your search for the best bread stops here! Only the very best locally baked artisan loaves of bread get to be featured at our store. We also offer delicious house baked treats daily.
Fresh bread is available seven days per week from 10:00 am.

Each Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday we get deliveries with smoked meats, pates, and sausages - handmade in small batches by our extremely talented Polish artisan butchers that are considered the master of the trade.